January 21, 2020


6G Technology— Plan to Achieve 6G By 2030

As we know, various countries have begun to target the next generation of communication technologies after 5G. Japan plans officials to formulate a comprehensive strategy for (6G technology). It plans to achieve good communication speeds that are more than 10 times faster than 5G by 2030.

China, South Korea, and other states have also started research, development, and investment in 6G Technology. If you have patents related to communication standards, you can make a huge amount of profits through the sale of equipment and software.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan will set up a government-civilian research society in January to the research of 6G technology.

Representatives from Japan like NTT Docomo and Toshiba will summarize comprehensive strategies such as performance goals and policy support by June. Japan will develop 6G technology using the government budget.

The speed of 6G technology at least 10 times faster than 5G technology. This is the idea of the Japanese ministry of internal affairs and communication. This technology is suitable for transmitting large amounts of Data.

6G technology— research and development

In order to achieve 6G technology by 2030, countries have begun to start the preparation. The Chinese government announced in October-November 2019 that it will establish 6G technology.

Universities and government-affiliated institutes have also launched projects on the basis of 6G technology. In South Korea, Samsung electronics each set up research centers in 2019.