January 29, 2020


A simple introduction of Information Security and its importance

Information security refers to the protection of information. It is the process of securing, protecting and safeguarding the information from unauthorized access, use and modification. Information can be a physical or digital one.

Information can be anything like personal details or your profile on social media. your private data on mobile phones etc.

The main goal of information security is confidentiality, integrity, and availability

1. Confidentiality– It refers to the process of securing information from unauthorized access.

Confidentiality ensures that only an authorized person can access the network resources to get the valuable information provided on the network.

EXAMPLE– When we use a credit card to pay our payments through a computer system, the credit card number is Display over the network in encrypted form so that other person cannot read the information

2. IntegrityRefers to the accuracy of information or data. In other words, integrity means securing the information from unauthorized modification.

3. Availability– It states that information must be available when it is needed. The information is available if the following condition is satisfied

  • It is provided on time
  • There is far allocation of resources over the network
  • The fault tolerance exists in the computer system or network

Benefits of implementing Information security initiatives

we live in a digital world. Now days living without access to the information of the interest at any time, any place.

At the instant waking up, the first thing that we have to do is check the phone while it connecting to the internet, looking for information, banking, shopping and lots of other online functions. There are some benefits :

  • Business protection against malware
  • protection for data and network
  • prevention of unauthorized users
  • Accessing digital assets
  • Improvement of recovery time after a breach

Importance of Information security

Today you can easily order for any online apps and pay them online from your credit cards and debit cards. you can book tickets just one click

people love all the convenience and want to keep doing these, even you want the service providers to provide more such services. If you lose money from your bank accounts while doing a recharge, will you doing again?? No.

you doing this conveniently because you know it safe, your bank and vendors are sure you that it is secure and even if something bad happens, you know some people will make sure it will not happen again.

some people are working to keep the system safe and secure and improving it every day.

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