December 18, 2019


Top 10 Best Google Assistant Skills-2019

  1. What Can Google Assistant Do For You

Google Voice- powered Assistant can perform a range of tasks and the best part is that it’s no relegated to google built devices like Google Homes, Nest mini, etc. You can find it on a wide range of devices.

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2. Find Your Phone

Already misplaced your phone’s new Pixel 4?

weather it’s fallen in the couch cushions or you can’t remember which jacket you have left it in, you can use Google Assistant to find it. If you have a connected google home speaker, like the Nest Mini, you can ask it where your phone is and it will ring your phone. It works even when your phone is silent or Does not Disturb mode, meaning you will be able to find it easily.

3. Open Apps With Your Voice

Let’s says you’re eating some foods, but you want to see your latest mail notifications. Just say, “OK GOOGLE” OR “HEY GOOGLE”, Open Gmail and watch Gmail open. You can give this command to open other apps, including third-party apps, etc well

4. Google Image Search

Having a hard day at work? whats’s better than a picture of flower and nature to lift your spirits. Ask your Google Assistant to do a google image of search of flowers and you feel better in no time.

4. Get Advice On Where To Eat, Drink, Dance Or Shop

It’s Saturday night, you ‘re out with friends, but you are unaware as to where you should go for Dinner or Dancing. This situation, google assistants can help to find out what place around you. Just Ask Google assistant to ” show me nearby Best restaurants” and finding the great new spot is just a tap away. Google Assistant shows you the best restaurants names with a star rating, directions, and link for calling restaurants

5. How Google Assistant Read You The News

It is one of the great skills of google Assistant to deliver your Favorite news. But how about getting the Assistant to read the news to you each morning?

you only have to say “OK GOOGLE” OR tap home buttons when pop up box comes up with Google Assistant question, “How may I help you?” say, “Good Morning”. Google Assistant will say, “Good Morning”.Ask Google Assistant to give you the weather forecast in your city as well as read the latest news. one of the best google assistant skill.

6. Get Some Good News

Tired of the unrelenting negativity of the news cycle. your Google Assistant can provide some relief, Just say your Assistant“Tell me something good” and you will get a summary of the story with the option to find out more by tapping a link.

7. Make Google Assistant Your weather Forecast

Ready to plan your weekend getaway to the park of a romantic picnic? You will need to make sure the weather cooperates.

just lay hold your mobile meteorologist, Google Assistant who can tell you if it’ll be sunny or cold and rainy. Google Assistant is pretty flexible here. Asking the weather for the weekend.

will give you forecast weather, while”what is like outside?”

8. Send A Voice Message

If you’re out of home and about to need to contact your kid at home, Google Assistant can broadcast a voice message directly to your google home speaker at home, and your family can respond.

Google Assistant typewrite your message if your family member would rather read it. It is also the best google assistant skill.

9.Book A Movies Ticket

This image shows that how you can easily book a movie ticket with the help of google assistant

With the help of, Google Assistant you can search for movies based on the title, who’s starring and what’s playing in the theaters near you. By selecting one of the showtimes, you can then book a ticket through third-party applications. No more waiting in line!

10. Set Important reminders

google assistant has good skills that it can draw information from other Google apps and services ——including the keep, calendar, and Gmail——to provide information at the moment notice when you need it. If you fear you’ve missed any important emails and messages from yesterday, you can always ask google assistant, “Did I miss any emails and any messages from yesterday?” and the assistant will pull up emails and messages that remain unopened. one of the best google assistant skill

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