January 7, 2020


A simple introduction to computer vision and How it’s used in business

Computer vision- It turns out that something most the human take for granted the ability to see, process and then act on visual input– is extraordinarily difficult to replicate in machines.

That’s surely what computer vision aims to do. while perhaps not as advanced as human sight, It has developed the business. Nowadays It is very useful in business today. Here’s the topic about what computer vision is and How it’s used in business.

What is computer vision?

Computer vision is a field of Artificial Intelligence and computer science. It describes the process when a computer using artificial algorithms can identify and process images like photos and videos. etc and create an output after the analysis because the computer can actually “understand” the content. It can classify, identify, verify and detect objects accurately. it is one of the main components of machine understanding

There are three main components to computer vision

The main goal of computer vision is to emulate human vision using digital images through three main processing components.

  1. Acquire the image: when a digital camera captures an image, it creates a digital file composed of zeros and ones. Different tools are used to build it. like webcams, DSLR, 3D cameras and range finder
  2. Image processing: The second component is low-level image processing. algorithms are used to determine basic geometric elements to build images out of the binary data.
  3. Image analyze and understand: It is also one of the components of computer vision. The final step is, the actual data is analyzed. High-level algorithms are applied to make decisions based on the images. Example of high-level image analysis are: 3D scene mapping, object recognition, object tracking

Application of computer vision

computer visions have many applications in the field of technology like robotics, Human-computer interaction, and visualization. 1. Motion recognition 2. Autonomous cars 3. Image restoration such as denoising 4. Domestic/service Robots

How is computer vision used in business?

It combines other technology such as augmented and virtual realities to enable additional capabilities.

Facial recognition, made by computer vision, is used for the security systems as well as the technology behind Facebook that identifies people to “tag” in photos.

China also uses facial recognition technology in police work, payments portal and more. Even retail stores use the technology to monitor inventory, track a customer through the store.

It helps is medicine in diagnosing disease and other ailments and extends the sight of surgeons during operations. There are now smartphone apps that allow you to diagnose skin conditions using the phone’s camera. In fact, 90 percent of all medial data is image-based—X-rays, scans, etc. and a lot of this data can now be analyzed using algorithms.

The agriculture industry uses to make operations more successful by monitoring fields looking for signs of disease or pests so swift action can be taken to eradicate it.

John Deere introduced a semi-autonomous combine harvester that can find the optimal route through crops after analyzing the quality of grains that are harvested.

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