February 20, 2020


7 Powerful Example Of Artificial Intelligence For Good

As we know that Artificial intelligence take over the jobs(and the world) and cheers for what it can do to increase productivity and profits, the potential for AI to do good can be overlooked

Technology leaders such as Microsoft, IBM, Huawei, and Google have an entire section of their business continuously focus on the topic and dedicate resources to build AI solutions for good.

In the battle to solve extraordinary difficult challenges, man can use all the help we can get.

Here are 7 powerful examples of artificial intelligence for good as it applies to some of the most difficult challenges facing society today.


As we know, there are more than 1billion people living with a disability around the world. It can be used to increase these people’s abilities to improve their accessibility. It can facilitate employment, improve daily life and help people living without disabilities.

From opening up the world of books to deaf children to narrating what it “sees” to those with visual impairments, apps and tools also powered by Artificial intelligence are improving accessibility.

Climate change

One of the most dangerous and pressing issues the planet faces today is climate change. Artificial intelligence innovators are developing ways to improve the climate change issue from simulation to monitoring, measuring and resource management.

In addition, AI has been developed in conservation biology. with the help of AI tools make wildlife monitoring more accurate and efficient. Drones are also used to monitor wildlife population and count animals as well as catch poachers in the act.

World Hunger

As we know the population increases day by day with time. The united nations estimate we will need to increase the world’s food production by 70%. This task seems more possible with the support of artificial intelligence. In addition to developing hearty seeds.

Artificial intelligence can be used to automate dull tasks. It can easily detect diseases. It can also do maximize crop production.

Human Rights

Artificial intelligence makes the task of identifying human rights violations such as human trafficking quicker and more comprehensive. Using Face recognition technology powered by Artificial Intelligence photos can be analyzed to find missing people and images can be reviewed to spot other human violations.


As the pressure continues to mount for educators to customize learning for each student and hit performance benchmarks, It supplies valuable tools that can support learning in and out of the classroom.

On a systemic level, artificial intelligence can help process educational statistics to enable decision-making for policy-makers and educational leaders.


It is already revolutionizing healthcare. It can be easily detecting illnesses and diseases very smartly. Not only is artificial intelligence used to develop innovative drug therapies and customized therapies, but robots are also increasingly used to support surgery.


Not only does artificial intelligence play a critical role in detecting, monitoring and learning about natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes, but it’s also leveraged for learning to make our society more resilient when faced with catastrophe.

Researchers are currently using artificial intelligence to find solutions to make Los Angeles’ plumbing infrastructure less susceptible to damage from earthquakes. In this case and other applications, AI can run many scenarios and computer models to determine the best solutions for vexing issues.

There is no shortage of challenges that need to solve today to make a better tomorrow, for our planet, culture, and society. When the human collaborates with artificial intelligence there will be great fusion.

AI provides different ways or amazing ways of solving extremely challenging problems while at same times providing ways a significantly improving life