January 4, 2020


10 Amazing things Of Artificial Intelligence

As you know, Now-days, most of us people aware of artificial intelligence (AI) being an increasingly present part of our everyday lives. But many people will be quite surprised to learn about some of the skills(AI) already knows.

Artificial intelligence will be able to perform any task a human can perform. What can AI do today? How close we are to that all-powerful machine intelligence?

Here’s what AI can do:


Machine vision is when the computer can see the world, analyze the data and making decisions about it. There are many wonderful ways machine vision is used today, including self-driving cars, facial recognition for police work and more.


Artificial intelligence can also speak. As you know while it’s helpful to have Alexa and google maps respond to your queries and give you directions. It can respond accurately to the response given by the human it’s talking to as well.

Play games

It can easily learn to play games such as chess, go and poker and turns out that AI can learn easily to play these games plus complete and even beats humans at them

Understand emotions

Market research is being aided by AI tools that track person emotions as they watch videos. AI can gather data from a person’s facial expressions, body language and etc. a determine an action based on that info.


AI can do all kinds of movements from autonomous vehicles to drones to robots. The alter 3 productions at national theatre features robots can generate motion autonomously


There are artificial intelligence researchers who are currently developing AI models that will be able to detect illness—- just by smelling a human breath. It can detect chemicals called aldehydes that are associated with human illness and stress, including cancer, brain injuries, etc


AI can even be successful at debating humans in a complex subject. Not only is it able to research a topic, but it can also create an engaging point of view and disproof against a human opponent.

Read your mind

This is true that AI can read your mind. it can easily interpret brain signals and then create speech. It’s no surprise that some of the biggest tech giants, including Facebook and Elon musk have their own projects underway to capitalize on AI mind reading potential


AI can even master the creative process, including making visual art, writing poetry and taking photographs.

Hear and Understand

AI is able to detect sounds, analyze the sound, and then alert relevant agencies? This is one of the mind-blowing things that AI can do when they hear and understand sounds

Now imagine if these mind-blowing skills were all combined into one super artificial intelligence.

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